(fsq24) Circles can now change their cutout and upload menu sheets


Now, everyone from the FurSquare circle can change their cutout pictures and menu images (MENU) on the event system at For Circles in FurSquare | FurSquare 2024

The requirements for each type of image are as follows:

  • CUTOUT Image - JPG, 500px * 500px
  • MENU Image - JPG, 1500px * 1500px

All images must adhere to the following rules:

  • No trademarks, character names, or any names that match copyrighted or original works.
  • Images must be appropriate for all and not cause discomfort. The team may modify images as deemed necessary without prior notice.

Fursquare2024 will stop accepting menu submissions or edits on August 31, 2024.
If any circles have questions or concerns, you can inquire at FurSquare or send a message to our staff at @fsq-staff.

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